I’m still a cynic — and you should be, by now.

Perhaps the absence of the Cynic was unwise given the events of the last sixty days; however, there could be no more potent recruiting for the forces of cynicism than those events.

The Cynic observes sometime ago that Fox News and CNN/MSNBC could not both be correct. Their reporting of Trump-Russia collusion was diametrically opposed. As a consequence, those watching one network will have been watching the truth whereas those watching the other will have come away totally misinformed (it was not possible for both to be correct or for both to be incorrect).

It appears that Fox News had the story correct (at least somewhat) and CNN/MSNBC (along with the other major networks) were anxiously and enthusiastically wrong.

Being incorrect is not a sin. One simply admits the wrong and resolves not to repeat the error. But in the world of political reporting, admitting error is the ultimate blasphemy.

Common cynical knowledge among almost everyone is the fact that newspapers report big stories on the front page, but when those stories turn out to be wrong, newspapers bury the retraction deep in the back pages.

Television networks have neither back pages nor the inclination to retract stories. They simply move on.

The Cynic understands this. There was no shortage of congressmen and members of the previous administration who were willing to go on the air and reveal the facts that Trump and his campaign were actively colluding with Russia. Some even claimed that Trump may be a Russian asset. The networks didn’t have to make up the news, they had a host of volunteers to do it for them.

So now that the Department of Justice is beginning to slowly unwind the injustice done in the name of “getting to the bottom of the Trump/Russia connection,” the non-Fox networks are decrying their actions as weaponizing the DOJ. This is a perfect environment for the Cynic to sit back and observe.

Don’t expect justice. Watch the major players begin to take advantage of their newfound fame and to publish their versions: Comey already has. The others have the perfect avenue to promote their memoirs because the non-Fox networks will be happy to give them a forum to help justify the last three years.

Be very surprised if anyone is prosecuted.

“Nothing so upholds the laws as the punishment of persons whose rank is as great as their crime.”
– Cardinal Armand Richelieu (1585-1642)

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